Why would you want to join a photo walk and how can you get the most out of it?

If you love photography, going out to shoot great photos with your friends is probably way up on your list.

Walking is great
Socializing is great
Pursuing a hobby is great

Combining all makes a perfect day! So just go. You will seldom, if ever regret having done so.


zoom+ offers walks where you meet interesting people who share your interest – which is in the long run even more beneficial than the shots you take on that day.


Be realistic: Do not expect to take the Wold Press Photo of the year, you won’t. Come with the attitude of going out to learn with fun. (and if you do shoot the WPP, please mention me)


Last but not least: Prepare. Make the list of things you’ll need well in advance. Being out in the forest, realizing that  your are running out of battery, or the only memory card you brought is full or corrupt would be unbeatably frustrating. Once you sign up for a walk, we will send you a more comprehensive list as a reference.


Do you have individual requirements regarding date, time, venue etc? Send us your request or ideas in an email and for already a small group size (4+) we will do our best to accomodate your wish.


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