Digital Photography Classes in English


Our current English language 10-weeks-class starts in February 2015!

Price list

We offer classes for adults and for students from age 12, in German and seperately in English.


10 weeks crash course - DF2

Basics course - CF2

Evening Class - AF2

10 weeks student class - JF2

The classes in digital photography are as ideal for beginners as they are for advanced hobby photographers and anything in between.

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Dates or schedules for individual group registrations from 6+ participants are possible and we are happy to accommodate your request, just contact us.

All beginners hope that WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get.

If it was only that simple in photography!!! A camera had one shutter release button and that'd be it.


But even the fanciest camera can't read your mind, yet you still want to determine how your photo is set and composed.
So the more you understand on the not-so-complicated technical side, the more your camera will obey.


We will first cover some facts about the history and development of photography, will have a brief look at different camera types. This insight will simplify the understanding of the techniques that follow.

You will learn how to give your camera the right orders, using
- camera menus with all the settings from whitebalance to picture formats.
- the interaction of shutter speed, aperture, focal distance and ISO
- the M, A, T, and P programs.

On the other hand you will start to see the artistic skills – the photographer’s eye. We will discuss
- what makes a good composition
- how important are sharpness and correct exposure – or are they not?
- on what does the liking of a viewer depend
- which are the basic rules that make a photo generally appealing or appalling.


To register for the class follow the registration link to the left or click here.

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